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Subtitle: dependent Upon the traditional files in terms of, and the Monuments Erected via This Fraternity From Its origin within the 12 months 715 B.c. to the current Time basic Books e-book date: 2009 unique book date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization topics: physique, brain

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This fact produced a particular modification in the constitution of the lodges. While the general assemblies of Masons occupied themselves with archi- tecture of a general character, particular members of the fraternity formed themselves into a separate organization, that aimed to copy exclusively after the Scottish models, and, for each important work, these admirable models were most rigorously followed. From York, therefore, these select masters, as they might properly be called, to Scotland, where a rendezvous made frequent journeys was fixed upon at which each of them might deliberate, after he had arrived, upon the observations made by others during their travels in the country, and record his own.

Of Commanders of Mt. Lebanon Lodge. EAST OP PAHIS, June, 27 1860. HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. INTRODUCTION. man, placed upon this earth, saw himself surwith rounded so many differently formed beings, of which the producing cause and motive for their existence were to him unknown, his thoughts were necessarily concenintense admiration. Unable to trated in one sentiment comprehend the the effect. He cause, he attached more importance to studied the physical qualities of all, to the end that he might be enabled to select for his use those which were useful, and reject those which were hurtful.

Cpjistantine himself, who, imi- tions of these tating his of his acts and determinations, his residence during the first years of his filth er made York in many reign, knew personally the principal members of those corporations^extend^edT to them every privilege they had ever possessed or were at any time deprived of, and thus they became the most effective and influential arm of the public service. The approaches of the Germans upon the Roman Empire of the West became from day to day more menacing.

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