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In the public sector and many businesses (particularly the large ones) there is a similar craze for numbers, known as 'head counts', completely ignoring the cost of each 'head'. People in some ways are like potatoes. They are all different. A count of potatoes gives little information about how much there is to eat. Another standard of measurement has to be used; generally weight. People, in terms of skill, experience, ability and hence earning power, also come in very different sizes. Some cost very little to the employer; others are extremely expensive.

The sampling is highly sophisticated and, in addition to the 'snapshot' count, up to 50 per cent of the same sample are asked about their employment position over 12 months, so that a whole experience for a year can be tracked with information Definitions 19 about the spells ofunemployment. 7 In this way short-term unemployment can be quantified and used as information to support future policy decisions. The census count has nothing to do with benefits. In the UK no similar comprehensive survey of people seeking work is carried out.

31 7. Average for general use in costings when there is no specific information or obvious special situation; based on 50% married, 33% single person householder, and 17% single person non-householder. 8. 8 NOTES ON THE EXAMPLES OF EXCHEQUER GAINS FROM EMPLOYMENT (1) The examples are: 5 1. At average earnings (£9000) 2. 3. 4. 5. At median earnings of manual workers (£7500) Salesman or shop assistant (£6000) Catering or retailing workers (£4500) Public sector modifications. ) (3) Income tax is at 30 per cent on wages or salary after deducting the 1985/86 allowance of £3455 for married men and £2205 for single people and working married women (generally included with 'single').

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