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By Majid Fakhry

The 1st entire survey of Islamic philosophy from the 7th century to the current, this vintage discusses Islamic idea and its impact at the cultural features of Muslim existence. Fakhry exhibits how Islamic philosophy has from the earliest instances a particular line of improvement, which supplies it the team spirit and continuity which are the marks of the good highbrow pursuits of historical past.

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49 Al-Fihrist, pp. , 419; al-Qifp, Titnkh, p. 131. 50 Al-Fihrist, pp. 395 f. , p. 366, and al-Qifti, Titnkh, p. 35· 52. Al-Fihrist, pp. 358, 361, 366. 14 THE LEGACY OF GREECE, ALEXANDRIA, AND THE ORIENT of his seniority or because of the curious circumstance that a careless scribe could not easily distinguish his name from that of I:Iunain, owing to their morphological similarity in Arabic script. Al-Fihrist puts the matter thus: "It was one of l:Iunain's tokens of good fortune that what l:Iubaish b.

Like most of the literary disciplines which the Arabs cultivated, such as belles lettres, verse writing, and narrative, the philosophical and scientific output was dependent on the generosity or interest of wealthy patrons. In fact, the more rarefied the discipline the more urgent was the need for lavish patronage. We have already mentioned the case of the Umayyad Khalid b. Yaz'id, who subsidized the translation of astrological and alchemical works as early as the seventh century. But it was more than half a century later that the movement caught on during the reign of the second 'Abbasid caliph, al-Man~ar.

40 Hitti, History of the Arabs, p. 429, and Patton, Abmad b. Hanbal and the Mibna, pp. 50 f. and infra, p. 63 f. 41 Al-Fihrist, p. 353; Ibn Abi Usayb'ah, 'Uyiin, I, pp. 186-87. THE LEGACY OF GREECE, ALEXANDRIA, AND THE ORIENT 12 al-l:likmah or the House of Wisdom, an official institute and library for translation and research. In order to stock the library with important scientific and philosophical works, al-Ma'mon sent emissaries to Byzantium to seek out and purchase for him books of "ancient learning," which were then ordered to be translated by a panel of scholars.

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