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In the vast majority of cases, if problems become challenges, then long-term bilingual development is usually successful. A6 What Happens If Grandparents and the Extended Family Disapprove of Bilingualism? There are many situations when grandparents and the extended family have a vested interest in the bilingualism of children. Where the grandparents live in another country, for example, a monolingual child may be unable to communicate with grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and distant relatives.

In short, disagreements need tactfully resolving. Open and frank, positive and empathic discussion is the route to resolution. The most important destination to discuss is the long-term interests of the child. A5 If We Raise Our Child to Be Bilingual, Will It Affect Our Marriage? There is an instant answer to this question. If raising the child to be bilingual doesn't affect the marriage, there is something odd about the marriage! However, the way the question is posed hints that it will have a negative effect.

The monolingual can also travel to neighboring countries and, in a more passive way, experience other cultures. But to penetrate different cultures requires the language of that culture. To participate and become involved in the core of a culture requires knowing the language of that culture. The bilingual has an improved chance of actively penetrating the two language cultures. Within any language, there is a kaleidoscope of cultures. Monolinguals may be able to experience the periphery of the kaleidoscope of a different culture.

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