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By Ronald Grigor Suny, Terry Martin

This accumulated quantity, edited by way of Ron Suny and Terry Martin, exhibits how the Soviet nation controlled to create a multiethnic empire in its early years, from the tip of the Russian Revolution to the top of global conflict II. Bringing jointly the latest study on a large geographic diversity, from Russia to significant Asia, this quantity is vital analyzing for college kids and students of Soviet historical past and politics.

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2 (Summer 2000): 267-289; Scott J. Seregny, "Zemstvos, Peasants, and Citizenship: The Russian Adult Education Movement and World War I," Slavic Review 59, no. 2 (Summer 2000): 290-315; S. A. Smith, "Citizenship and the Russian Nation during so Introduction World replies 23. Muslim War I: A Comment," Slavic Review 59, no. 2 (Summer 2000): 330—342. A good example would be Alexandra A. Bennigsen and S. 979)24. For the all-Union story, see Terry Martin, "Borders and Ethnic Conflict: The Soviet Experiment in Ethno-Territorial Proliferation," Jahrbucherjur Geschichte Osteuropas 47 (September 1999): 538-555.

In the post-1945 period particularly, the wave of decolonizations constructed empires as antiquated forms of government, justifiable only as transitory arrangements that might aid in the development of full nation-states. This justification of empires was read back into the retrospective histories of empires. "45 Thus, both on the level of discourse and on the level of international politics and economics, the late twentieth century appeared to be a most inhospitable time both for formal external empires and contiguous empire-states.

30. This paragraph summarizes Terry Martin, "The Origins of Soviet Ethnic Cleansing," Journal of Modern History 70 (1998): 813-861. 31. On the other hand, there is no convincing evidence to suggest that any other Soviet nationalities, including Jews, were specifically targeted in 1937—1938 as a result of their nationality. For a discussion of the evidence, see Martin, The Affirmative Action Empire, chapter 8. 32. On Soviet national deportations, see N. F. Bugai, L. Beriia—/. " (Moscow: AIRO-XX, 1995).

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