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Temsor, that's a thought. Look ahead, Medoret. ” The path widened into a sward of close-hugging ground plants and an open dark space dominated by the bulk of a stone arch. Medoret hurried ahead and touched the carved stone. ” she cried, then heard Samta chuckle behind her. She turned, smiling as broadly as he. “Thank you. ” She turned back and ran her fingers over the smooth planes, then traced a curving groove of the alien bird's feathered tail. The stone stood four meters tall, intricately carved in the distinctive Targethi iconography; she could recognize the design in the shadows and caressed it delightedly.

She wished ... for too many things she couldn't have. Where is the answer? Lady Rainbow, the Jaguar growled, enticing her, will you come dance with me? He posed proudly in his jungle glade, his tail flashing. Behind him, the Cricket God turned and beckoned to her, then invoked the mist and the Serpent within, not the Maya terror that had frightened her in dreams, but the friend who knew her as no one else did, not even the Jaguar Sun. Beloved, the Jaguar called, leave this place and live forever with me, in the Xibalba...

There's nothing down there that chimes,” Hillary said, confused. Her companions looked at each other, and Medoret abruptly relaxed and turned to them with a smile. She did not want either to think her odd. She smiled more broadly at her own irony. Well, more odd than usual. She laughed aloud, confusing them all the more. “I'm sorry. ” She waved her arm at the temple square. “I know all the glyphs so well—and I know it would take hours to look at them properly ‘in the flesh,’ so to speak. ” “No ‘maybe’ about it,” Hillary said stoutly.

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