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By Stephanie McAfee

A Novella of Bugtussle, Mississippi

Back in Bugtussle, Mississippi, after her dating together with her ex-fianc? has fallen aside, Ace Jones is of course depressed. What's worse is that each time she leaves the home, she lands up in a few form of altercation. She can't aid yet wonder whether she's an fool magnet, or if she's the smart-mouth stirring issues up. Hoping for a bit peace of brain, Ace offers in to the recommendation of her ally and is going to work out a therapist. yet she fast discovers that the line to nirvana isn't what it's cracked as much as be. And as Ace is going from one healing misadventure to a different, the plus-sized spitfire turns into extra decided than ever to discover enlightenment—even if it ability bending herself right into a pretzel to do it.

Includes excerpts from Diary of a Mad fats lady, fortunately Ever Madder, and Down and Out in Bugtussle.

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