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0 There are clues to the effect that the Markan gospel registers strains and tension in relation to authoritative carriers of oral tradition. We have already adverted to Mark's disenchantment with the disciples' performance as hearers of Jesus' words. According to Markan logic, the disciples can have no part in the process of passing on words of Jesus. It is possible, from this perspective, to interpret the evangelist's dissociation with the disciples as a way of breaking the flow of oral transmission at its crucial inception.

Or it can show infinite flexibility in its ability to shape the form and content of a message so as to make it compatible with social needs. It can also exercise powers of innovation by creating and attracting fresh material. Last but not least, it appears unpredictable in the manner in which it alters the directions of its course. 3 We have sketched out the oral profile and social engagement of only two forms of the synoptic tradition, the antisocial sayings and the miracles. According to a ground rule of form criticism, each form, and in many cases each subsidiary form, manifests its distinct behavior.

12/ Eight of the fifteen Markan references to ho logos in the absolute sense occur in the interpretation of the parable of the sower, Mark 4:14-20. /13/ On a connection between a crisis in confidence and a communication change from oral to written, see Nielsen (60-61). /14/ Käsemann perceived the gospel composition as a return to and retrieval of the past in view of a presentoriented enthusiasm (41). /15/ Trocmé observed a connection between Mark's reserve toward the sayings genre and his gospel enterprise: "In order to break the hold of 'the sayings of Jesus,' the author of Mark resorted to a semi-biographical presentation of Jesus and his real intentions" (85).

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