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By Eric Amsel, Judith Smetana

This ebook explores the important value of teens' personal actions of their improvement. This concentration harkens again to Jean Piaget's genetic epistemology and gives a theoretically coherent imaginative and prescient of what makes formative years a particular interval of improvement, with detailed possibilities and vulnerabilities. An interdisciplinary and foreign workforce of participants discover how children combine neurological, cognitive, own, interpersonal, and social structures elements of improvement into extra geared up platforms.

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The connections between the two systems in Steinberg’s model become permanently rewired, ensuring the potential of their coordination. But this is not so for Amsel’s dual-process model, which requires constant metacognitive monitoring and regulation of the two systems which may vary by contexts and over people. Neurological development during adolescence makes possible but also may be shaped by coordinating activities of adolescents. The reshaped neurological platform enables adolescents to coordinate various cognitive entities and processes and construct new abilities, including those for argumentation and hypothetical thinking.

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We have highlighted the importance of considering adolescents’ coordinating activities, which involve linking elementary processes, structures, and individuals together at the neurological, cognitive, and social levels. These activities are shown to afford opportunities for positive developmental outcomes and vulnerabilities for less positive outcomes. Our focus on adolescents’ coordinating activities is not a prelude for a new broad-based theory of adolescent development in the tradition of other grand developmental theories (see Amsel & Renninger, 1997).

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