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By Ze'ev Maghen

Islam prides itself on being “the faith of facility”. Muslim assets are unanimous in assigning to Judaism the position of counterweight during this regard, saying it a process of “burdens and shackles” through which the Jews “oppressed their souls”. This neat polarity either fueled, and was once the manufactured from, a desirable reciprocal strategy: while that sharî'a was once being created within the adverse photo of halakha, halakha was once being retroactively re-imagined by means of Muslim jurists and exegetes because the antipode of sharî'a . even though scholarly reports of the intertexture of Islam and Judaism abound, few have touched upon the Muslim tradition’s belief and usage of Jewish legislations, and none has performed so extensive. This e-book goals to fill that lacuna and additional our figuring out of the age-old embody and grapple among the 2 faiths.

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Various versions of this anecdote appear in Tabari, 2:225ff (a similar story is told with the same protagonists concerning kissing during a fast [Mawardl, 3:295]).

The Prophet was tired out from long night vigils in which he remained standing on his feet (kathrat al-tahajjud wa-qiydm 'aid saq) ... and when the unbelievers saw the extent of his worship, they said: 'You have made your life hard through world-renunciation (tark al-dunya), and this Qur'än was revealed to you only in order to make you miserable'" (MajlisT, 68:27). AlTabari to Q. 20:1: "The interpretation of these words is... , the Qur'än) to you in order to charge you with tasks of which you are not capable' (fa-nukallifuka mä lä täqa laka bihi min al-'amal).

Arise to prayer, and continue therein all night, save a small part: a half thereof, or a little less, or a little m o r e . . " ( Q . ). 6 al-Fikr, 1996), 4: 57. Another way to phrase this principle that underlies the institution of sunna is attributed to Ibn 'Abbas: nabiyyakum mimman umira an yaqtadi bihi (Qurtubl, 15:147). Al-Baydäwl restores the balance: hukmuhu wa-hukm al-umma wähida illä mä khassahu al-dalil (BaydäwT, Ταfsir, 2: 247). 5 See Qurtubl, 19:29. Both of these are specifically acceptable methods of isti'näs (asking permission to enter or warning tenants of one's presence) required by Q .

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