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It is a single-volume resource of trustworthy details on crucial replacement religions, protecting for every such necessities as historical past, theology, effect at the tradition, and present prestige. The chapters of the booklet have been written via specialists who research the pursuits they've got written approximately.

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Rather, we need to recognize both the contributions and the incompleteness of the modern project in philosophy of religion. A practical philosophy of religion recognizes the social, institutional, and practical dimensions of life without neglecting religious belief. But a practical philosophy of religion focuses on religious believing as practices of embodied persons, not on propositions to be debated by minds engaged in academic exercises. In short, we need to make central the notion that people practice their religion.

Without emotion, human life would be unthinkable. Moreover, emotions have an intrinsic as well as an instrumental value. Although not all emotions are enjoyable or even justifiable . . life without any emotion would be life without any meaning (154-55). Jaggar claims that even positivist epistemologies allow a role for emotion in the (intuitive) suggestion of hypotheses for investigation, but rigorously exclude emotion from the processes of justification. However, if (as in the naturalized epistemologies typical of Quine [1985], Goldman [1986], Plantinga, and others) one cannot separate the processes of belief formation from the processes of belief justification then an epistemology of science itself must incorporate "values and emotions.

As Morris put it: It is not an assumption of the Wager that God will reward a person for a deliberate, calculated charade of belief undertaken and maintained on the grounds of the grossest self-interest. So the famous objection of William James, who was offended by such an assumption, misses the point (Morris 1986b:267). 7 Nor does the Wager require a threat of punishment or promise of reward from God. As Morris notes, the text requires neither. Once one realizes the situation of the wagerer (as the dominant strand in modern philosophy of religion with its academic bias does not), most of the alleged problems with the Wager argument drop out.

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