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By Donald L. Piermattei

Third variation of the vintage surgical atlas detailing operative ways to orthopedic difficulties within the puppy and cat. insurance contains the pinnacle, vertebral column, scapula and shoulder joint, thoracic limb, pelvis and hip joint, hindlimb, and extra. It presents elevated emphasis on joint problems, in addition to 21 ways and wide illustrations.

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TECH TIPS: Growing Cats When asked how much a new kitten should be fed the practitioner should teach clients how to assess an animal’s body condition (see Figure 1-1). • Provide a body condition scoring sheet and an 8-ounce measuring cup. These can be obtained from most pet food manufacturing companies. • A cat’s energy requirements are reduced by 25% after neutering. Nutritional counseling is needed regarding the proper type and amount of food required by animals after spaying and neutering to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Two major forms of canned food are produced for pets: “ration” type diets, which are made up of animal tissue, soy, and cereal grains, and “gourmet” diets, which primarily are made from some form of meat with vitamins and minerals added to produce a satisfactory diet. Gourmet products must be carefully formulated because meat alone is a poorly balanced, incomplete food. Animals in the wild also eat the viscera and bone of their prey, which results in a more balanced diet. Advantages and disadvantages of canned foods are similar to those of semimoist foods, with the additional disadvantage that if a can is opened and left out for a prolonged period, the food may spoil.

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