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In the situation that rises before our vision we must see that the man so engaged realizes time utter seriousness of the trading venture he has uillimmgk ° He is not simply an animal that eats and 7 undertaken. — 68 By ‘the Way’ I meami what mefeis to ii,oan, or pcrfrction in virtue. 69 The Revealed Law, or s/tart ‘ah, is the Law of God, 70 See ui-A hzäb (33):72. 67 no drinks and sleeps and disports after sensual pleasure savage nor barbarian he who thus transcends himself in the realization of his weighty responsibility and consciousness of his freedom to fulfill and redeem himself of the burden of existence.

We have already said that the concept thn reflects the idea of a kingdom a cosmopolis. Comnnwrce and trade are the life blood of the cosmopolis, and such acthii together with its various implications is indeed inherent in the concept din as we have thus far described it is no wonder then that in the Holy Qur’ãn worldi life is depicted so persistently in time apt metaphom s of commercial enterprise. In the cosniopolis or kingdom reflected in the concept din, there is depicted the bustling activities of the traffic of bade.

It is the Law of God. Submission to it brings liarmoiiy, for it means realization of what is inherent in one’s true natule; opposition to it brings discord, for it means realization of what is extraneous to one’s true nature. It is cosmos as opposed to chaos justice as opposed to injustice. ” in acknowledgement of the truth of God’s Lordship, it has sealed a Covenant with God. Thus when man is manifested as man in this wordly life he will, if rightly guided, remember his Covenant and act accordingly as outlined above, so that his worship, his acts of piety, his life and death is lied out for the sake of God alone.

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