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Friend ). They were advised not to address him thus. The Buddha said that he had attained Nirvanam ( Amatain) and receive that he woul d teach them. He told them that their object ANCIENT INDIAN TRIBES would be fulfilled by following 21. He his instruction. preached them the sermon known as the DhammacakkappaThe sermon had the effect on Kondaiina, the chief vattana. He became aii arahat immediately and of the group of five. before the remaining four became arahats very soon. Nikaya, foil; foil.

Fi* in the name of a people. It is only in Lit era^ early some of the later Vedic works, the Sataturtj. ^ . patha Brahmana, and the Kalpasutras Kosala as one of the countries in Vedic aryanKoSala is also mentioned in the Pali Buddhist litera- we that dorn. find ture as one of the sixteen great countries (Mahajanapadas) of Jambudlpa, 1 or India. Panini too in one of his siitras (vi. i. 17) mentions Kofola. In the Atthasalim, (P. T. S. p. 305) Buddhaghosa's commentary on the Dhammasaiigani, mention is made of the Ko%las as one of the great ksatriya tribes in place, Buddha's time.

II, pp. 112-114). Many at Benares. were dwelling at the Isipatana Migadilva Channa went to them and requested them to theras ANCIENT INDIAN TRIBES instruct him in such a way as he might realise the The theras delivered the same sermon. III, pp. 25 ( dhamma. Saihyutta Nikftya, 132-135). Sariputta and Mahakotthita were dwelling at the Isi- patana Mi gad A va at Benares. One afternoon Mahakotthita went to Sftriputta and asked him about the dhammas to be meditated upon by a pious bhikkhu. Sariputta in reply spoke of the five khandhas.

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