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By Norman L. Geisler

This qualifies as a very good advent to Islam which provides the ancient and doctrinal necessities let alone a variety of important evidence so much introductions bypass over. hugely prompt analyzing.

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He should do all the good he can and make himself fully prepared to move any minute to Eternity.... The best use of life, therefore, is to live it according to the teachings of God and to make it a safe passage to the Future Life of Eternity. Because life is so important as a means to an ultimate end, Islam has laid down a complete system of regulations and principles to show man how to live it, what to take and what to leave, what to do and what to shun, and so on. 57 Human beings can achieve their ultimate good by obeying the regulations of divine commands as prescribed in the Qur'an (see Chapter 6).

1 le says that many jinn who had succeeded in insinuating themselves into his disciples' company were given a severe beating by him. They took to their heels never to return. 12 Several classical Muslim theologians have written on topics such as marriage relationships between human beings and jinn, the future destiny of jinn, whether prayer led by jinn is permissible, and cases of jinnpossessions. Formulas that protect individuals from the mischief of the jinn are offered by some. 13 Unlike the majority of Muslim thinkers, the more Westernized Muslim theologian, Rahman, downplays the role of jinn in Qur'anic theology: 11.

34. 35. 36. 37. 38. Ismail R. : Argus Communications, 1984), 9. Abdalati, 31-32. Ajijola, 130-31. Niazi, 53. , 66. , 63. 46 The Basic Doctrines of Orthodox Islam and condemnation of all human beings (except Christ) find their cause in the rebellion of Adam against the Creator (Rom. 5:12-19). However, once we consider other aspects of Islamic theology, such as the Muslim understanding of sin and prophethood, we begin to realize why Muslim theologians do not draw a great deal of attention to man's fall.

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