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By Rev. F. De P. Castells A.K.C.

An interpretation of the symbolism of the Masonic inn.

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This presents a difficulty not solved by the numerous models that have been produced. T. must ever remain unsettled because of the uncertainty that there is as to the meaning of certain Hebrew words. " But in the Greek translation of 2000 years ago - the Septuagint - the height of the Porch was given as 120 cubits, and the acute minds of 58 the period did not find anything to object to. Moreover, two modern writers, Perrot and Chipiez, in their History of Art, find the statement admissible, and they hold that such a Porch was simply a reproduction of the pylons which the Egyptians used to build in their Temple.

M. is thinking of, in speaking of the Porch, as the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum; that is to say, he conceives the Holy Place as an extension of the literal Porch. And, as a matter of fact, the Sanctum Sanctorum could not be entered by any other way. C. has been properly "squared" (and has become a Perfect Ashlar, so to speak) in that intermediate place, that he is permitted to penetrate further. This operation is performed at the Altar of Sacrifice. M. , this answer is historically correct.

13) The Dormer in the Adytum or Sanctum Sanctorum. , 6 x 3 X 5 = 90 cubits. (15) (Found in the RA. ) The Altar of White Marble. Let us note that the various features here enumerated are unveiled to the Mason's eyes gradually, one after another. A. , the Porch; the lefthand Pillar; the Pedestal: the Border, which 50 he takes to be the edge of the wonderful Pavement; and the Blazing Star. The last two are described as mere " Ornaments," although he will soon find that they are so much more than ornaments.

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