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6 Also called conjunction (Zeugma a medio): connecting two clauses by placing a single verb between them: adjunctio indicating before or after connecting: zeugma a superiori when clauses are linked by placing a verb at the beginning of the first clause, and zeugma ab inferiori when the verb is placed at the end of the second clause. 7Met. I. 19-20. 8 The rebirth of Latin studies is reflected in the numerous references to authentic or standard classical authors. Thus Matthew of Vendome like Geoffrey of Vinsauf and others provided handbooks to aid the schoolmaster with his task of teaching Latin verse.

Matt. xxiii. 5; Deut. vi. 8. These "frontlets" or "phylacteries" which contained important words of scripture were rolled up in a case of black calfskin which was attached to a stiff leather thong about one inch wide and twenty inches long. They were attached to the bend of the left arm. Shorter thongs were worn on the forehead. The expression "they make broad their phylacteries" refers to the Pharisees who wore them as conspiciously as possible. Cf. also Deut. xi. 18 and Numbers, xv. 38. 2Noverca or stepmother: eventually malevolent or hostile.

Pp. 264-266. 31 Glosule super Lucanum, pp. xxix-xxxvii. Page 10 towards effect. It is a truism that the great poet is an innovator in that he is directed by his own perception and vision rather than by a philosopher's or theorist's rule. It is also true that the degree of slavish imitation indicates the lessening degree of artistic power. Such is a would-be poet. The great artist is most consistently influenced by the vision of other artists more profoundly than he is by rule. Arnulf's commentaries reveal a tenacious attempt to present all possible interpretations, thus leading the students to discover meaning in terms of their own identity.

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