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By John B. Irwin

Whereas traditional drugs can usually in basic terms provide powerful soreness aid, this article goals to get to the basis explanations of arthritis with its four-part plan regarding nutrition, hormone remedy, nutrition supplementations and immune approach helps.

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They ingest and digest old cellular debris, including worn out red blood cells and abnormal cancer cells. Importantly, they in- Page 19 gest and process antigen so that it may be presented to the lymphocytes in such a way that the lymphocytes can learn to structure antibodies specifically against that antigen. Disposal of Immune Complexes When antigen and antibody combine, they form an immune complex. The immune complexes are of two basic types: one in which a reproducing infectious agent is present as the antigen, and the second wherein a non-reproducing chemical such as a food or a hormone is present as the antigen.

The tendency may vary from strong to weak, but the chances are good that some viral or bacterial disease, or even a severe fracture, will eventually produce sufficient hypothalamic stress to allow your rheumatic disease to erupt. The specific pattern of rheumatic disease which the predisposed body demonstrates, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or osteoarthritis is also established genetically. All the patients in a group investigated by E. Szanto et al. (1983), who developed low back arthritis after a severe pelvic infection, were found to be of a specific hereditary tissue type, HLA B-27, while those patients without that tissue Page 17 type did not develop the arthritis even though they had the identical pelvic infection.

Seventy-five years later, William Harvey said essentially the same thing, and his observations launched a revolution in medical science! Perhaps someday the ideas on arthritis causation and treatment presented here will likewise be viewed as the incontrovertible truths I believe them to be. Page 13 2 Some Basic Features of Arthritis One Disease with Many Faces Before we get into the specifics of arthritis treatment in subsequent chapters, let me familiarize you with both the vocabulary and some of my basic theories regarding arthritis and arthritis management.

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