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By Morris N. Eagle PhD

Although attachment conception was once initially rooted in psychoanalysis, the 2 components have considering built fairly independently. This incisive ebook explores ways that attachment conception and psychoanalysis have each one contributed to knowing key features of mental functioning--including childish and grownup sexuality, aggression, psychopathology, and psychotherapeutic change--and what the 2 fields can research from one another. Morris Eagle seriously evaluates how psychoanalytic considering can reduction in increasing center attachment innovations, corresponding to the inner operating version, and the way wisdom approximately attachment can tell scientific perform and improve psychoanalytic thought construction. 3 chapters on attachment thought and learn are written in collaboration with Everett Waters.

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It may be that measures based on careful, lengthy, and detailed assessments 26 ATTACHMENT AND PSYCHOANALYSIS of mother’s behavior would show a stronger relationship to the child’s attachment status. Thus, the lack of a robust relationship might largely be a measurement problem.  . be attributed to methodological weaknesses of the replication studies” (p. 572), including observations based on a single home visit or brief laboratory assessments. , 1990). In order to bring “some degree of order to a large and inconsistent body of findings” (p.

For example, based on repeated experiences of the attachment figure’s rejection of attempts to have his or her attachment needs met, the child forms an internal working model of the attachment figure as rejecting, of the self as unworthy, and expectations of rejection in interactions with the attachment figure. As Bowlby (1973) notes, insofar as the formation of internal working models enables the child to better predict events he or she may confront, it serves an important adaptive function—even if, or perhaps especially if, the expected events are negative or threatening ones.

In a study with pregnant women whose immediately prior pregnancy ended in stillbirth, Hughes, Turton, Hopper, McCauley, and Fonagy (2001) found a significant association between unresolved status on the AAI and infant disorganization. Also, infant disorganization was independently predicted by mother having seen her stillborn child in her past pregnancy or having elective termination of her earlier pregnancy. , being frightened) in relation to her infant. Consistent with this interpretation, Manassis, Bradley, Goldberg, Hood, and Swinson (1994) found that 65% of children of anxietydisordered mothers showed disorganized attachment.

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