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With four–color snap shots and screenshots all through, you’ll find out how to arrange digital camera photographs for show on internet pages—including tactics like rescaling, cropping, and balancing colour. using layers, paths, and mask also are coated in broad element. after all, additionally, you will tips on how to draw strains and shapes make the most of styles and gradients or even create your individual brushes, styles, and gradients. GIMP specialist and writer Akkana Peck teaches you ways to the touch up electronic photos, smudging away blemishes, solving red–eye, and sewing panoramic photos. You’ll how one can faucet into the robust filters, results, and plug–ins which are to be had for GIMP and automate projects utilizing scripts. the total booklet is approached in a project–based demeanour, and as you move, various tasks may help enhance your newly obtained skills. What you’ll study set up GIMP on home windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. discover the interface and configuration suggestions. organize your digital camera photos to be used on the internet, together with rescaling, cropping, and balancing colour. examine easy thoughts similar to drawing traces and shapes, using styles, and using gradients. grasp complicated ideas corresponding to layers, paths, and mask. Create your personal brushes, styles, and gradients. observe methods for solving blemishes, elimination redeye, and sewing jointly panoramic photos.

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Saving Files Image editing is just like any other type of document editing: once you’ve made any significant change to a file, you should save it. It’s smart to save your work frequently, in case of a computer crash or other disaster. GIMP uses Ctrl+S as the keyboard shortcut for File ➤ Save, just like most word processing programs. If the image already has a file name, that’s a quick way to save your work. CHAPTER 2 ■ IMPROVING DIGITAL PHOTOS If you’ve edited an original image, modified it, and now want to save to a new file name, use File ➤ Save As… (Figure 2-4).

Some dialogs, like the Layers dialog, don’t have a menu bar at all, so you perform most Layers operations by right-clicking on a layer to get a context menu. Image Window Menus The image window’s menus, when combined with the tools in the Toolbox, make up the heart of GIMP. Everything you’ll need to do to modify an image should be accessible here. The File menu contains familiar file operations: New, Open, Save, Save As…. Don’t neglect the Open Recent submenu: you can use it to get back quickly to images you’ve edited in the past few days.

That said, the Save as PNG dialog offers yet another set of options: • Interlacing is similar to GIF’s interlacing or JPEG’s progressive options. • Save background color relates to images with transparency. Since not all web browsers handle PNG transparency, those that don’t can use the GIMP’s current background color instead. • Save gamma stores information about your monitor (see the section on color profiles in Chapter 8). Some viewing programs can compensate for this, and try to adjust the PNG image so that it looks the same on the viewer’s monitor as it did on yours.

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