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By Peter Watts

Starfish lit the fuse. Maelstrom was once the explosion. yet 5 years into the aftermath, issues are usually not particularly as simple as they as soon as seemed...Lenie Clarke-rifter, avenger, amphibious deep-sea cyborg-has destroyed the realm. as soon as exploited for her mental dependancy to harmful environments, she emerged within the wake of a nuclear blast to serve up vendetta from the sea ground. The horror she unleashed-an old, apocalyptic microbe referred to as ?ehemoth- has been unfastened on the planet for part a decade now, devouring the biosphere from the ground up. North the USA lies in ruins underneath the thumb of an all-powerful psychopath. electronic monsters have taken Clarke's identify, wreaking havoc through the decimated remnants of whatever that was referred to as net. Governments have fallen around the globe; warlords and suicide cults upward push from the ashes, pledging fealty to the Meltdown Madonna. All simply because 5 years in the past, Lenie Clarke had a rating to settle.But she has realized anything meanwhile: she destroyed the area for a fallacy.Now, cowering on the backside of the Atlantic Ocean, rifters and the technoindustrial "corpses" who created them cover from a global in its dying throes. yet they can not cover perpetually: anything is monitoring them, down among the lightless cliffs and ditchs of the Midatlantic Ridge. the results of prior acts achieve inexorably in the direction of the very backside of the area, and Lenie Clarke needs to eventually confront the mess she made.Redemption does not come effortless with the blood of a global in your palms. yet even after 5 years in purgatory, Lenie Clarke continues to be Lenie Clarke. there'll be effects for a person who will get in her way-and worse ones, probably, if she succeeds. . . .?ehemoth: ?-Max is the 1st of 2 volumes. the tale will finish in ?ehemoth: Seppuku.

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Atlantis's nerve center is palatial, a twilit grotto bejeweled by readouts and tangled luminous topographies. Tactical maps rotate miraculously in midair or glow from screens painted on the bulkheads. The miracle is not so much the technology that renders these extravagances: the miracle is that Atlantis contains such an obscene surplus of empty space, to be βehemoth 35 Peter Watts wasted on nothing more than moving light. A cabin would have done as well. A few couches with workpads and tactical contacts could have contained infinite intelligence, bounded in a nutshell.

It wasn't our fault we failed, it was yours. And after we failed, we settled for saving our families, and you wouldn't even give us that. You hunted us down even at the bottom of the ocean. " "You know," Clarke says softly. Rowan nods. "I know. But most of the people down here don't expect rationality from you. Maybe you've just been toying with us all these years. " Clarke shakes her head dismissively. " "Call it what you want. It's what you have to deal with. " "We fish-heads have a few stories of our own, you know," Clarke says.

People talk to the comatose the way they talk to gravestones—more to themselves than the departed, with no expectation of any answer. But there's something different in Friedman's face, in the way she holds herself. A sense of impatience, almost. "It is a violation," Walsh says. Clarke shakes her head. " "Don't say you haven't noticed. Half the surveillance feeds don't work any more. " Walsh points to the monitor. " What's that she's holding? Clarke wonders. Friedman's hand— the one that isn't clasped to her partner's—is just below the level of the table, out of the camera's line of sight.

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