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By Sandy Jeffs

The poems during this assortment are an evocative documentation of the harrowing reports of a kid residing in a adversarial and unsatisfied domestic. The reader is proven the soreness, the bitterness and the combined feelings that accompany the reviews of growing to be up in a kin torn aside by means of family violence and alcoholism. reminiscence is proven through remembering what one doesn't are looking to take into account.

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24 The Mourning After The morning’s calm suddenly howled with the crashing sounds of the pots being thrown about the cupboards— he was up. There was no mistaking his temper tirade as he made it known he was preparing his breakfast. World War III entered and left the kitchen every morning with the dead left to rot on the sink in the baking sun after he had sated himself on his fat-oozing bacon and eggs that mingled with the juices of stale beer and cigarettes in his filthy mouth. Their room reeked of it.

Of the unknown. of the inevitable. of the fear. The car hitting the gate stirred him from the chair. Like a bull beginning to anger at the red cape he stiffened his red face and narrowed his eyes. She staggered in. He pounced. She reeled. He interrogated. She screamed. He bashed. She fell. 29 He bashed. She fell. Time passed Staggering through the house throwing cellophane parcels she cried out through tears: I’m going to the lake! He abused and ranted. She left. We wept. 30 The Silent Scream After I had left you in your silence I was visited by a child who had lain dormant.

20 You Lived Life to Death You both lived life to death in a way only you could taking the world with you taking hostages like deranged terrorists intent on a death-fix. Outrageous as always— the booze, the violence, the life-style the dead-end, disgusting relationship— you had it all it was bad and it was ugly. I cannot think of anything good about your collective wills— death was the toy with which you played. In the end, you snared it like a myxo rabbit dying before your respective times. I wonder about bitterness.

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