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By Julia James

Vicky Peters knew her marriage used to be for comfort basically! Theo Theakis sought after a society bride, and Vicky wanted monetary support for her charitable enterprise. but if their marriage ended, Theo stored the money, believing his bride to be a dishonest gold digger! Vicky is decided to get her cash it is rightfully hers! So Theo makes a decision her presence in his mattress may be cash good spent....

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But her unpacking took almost no time at all, and within minutes it was done. She glanced out of the window again. The shadows were lengthening; the two-hour time difference, plus the flight time, had eaten up the day. On a sudden impulse she lifted the house phone. It was answered immediately, and she issued a request for coffee to be served on the terrace. Then, armed with her book, she went downstairs. The temperature on the terrace, despite the time of day, was still warm enough to make her wish she’d changed into more lightweight clothes.

Html sense of the word. I can do it…she repeated. I can… It was a mantra she had to keep repeating to herself over the following hours. Otherwise she knew she would never have been able to travel the distance to the aerodrome where Theo Theakis’s chartered jet would be waiting to whisk him home at luxurious speed and convenience. She’d deliberately under-dressed, wearing jeans and a cheap sweater, with a backpack hoisted on her shoulders. Her hair was in a loose plait and she wore no make-up. Despite the chilly, cloudy weather she wore a pair of sunglasses—but it wasn’t the sun they were protecting her from.

Even as Theo made his remark he glanced behind him, his gaze picking out the long three-seater sofa in the sitting room behind them. ‘I’ll sleep on that,’ he told her. That idiotic emotion fleeted through her again as she registered what he intended, and again Vicky tossed it aside and stamped on it. Hard. Very hard. ‘Thank you,’ she said stiffly. ‘Not at all,’ said Theo. His voice was formal. There was an inflexion in it she did not pick up. Their sleeping arrangements set the tone for the rest of the honeymoon—which Theo passed in meetings with various government trade officials and other businessmen, and Vicky in sightseeing tours—and continued thereafter when they returned to Athens, to take up residence in the huge Theakis mansion in an exclusive district of the city.

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