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By James Womack

The genetic details being unlocked via advances in genomic and excessive throughput applied sciences is speedily revolutionizing our figuring out of developmental approaches in bovine species. this data is permitting researchers extraordinary perception into the genetic foundation of key features. Bovine Genomics is the 1st ebook to compile and synthesize the knowledge discovered throughout the bovine genome sequencing venture and view its functional program to livestock and dairy construction.

Bovine Genomics opens with foundational chapters at the domestication of livestock and conventional Mendelian genetics. development on those chapters, insurance speedily strikes to quantitative genetics and the advances of complete genome applied sciences. major assurance is given to such subject matters as epigenetics, mapping quantitative path loci, genome-wide organization reports and genomic choice in farm animals breeding. The e-book is a priceless synthesis of the sector written via an international group of prime researchers.

Providing wide-ranging assurance of the subject, Bovine Genomic, is an important consultant to the sphere. the elemental and utilized technological know-how could be of use to researchers, breeders, and complex students.

Chapter 1 The Origins of farm animals (pages 1–10): Matthew D. Teasdale and Daniel G. Bradley
Chapter 2 Mendelian Inheritance in farm animals (pages 11–19): Frank W. Nicholas
Chapter three Genetics of Coat colour in farm animals (pages 20–33): Sheila M. Schmutz
Chapter four From Quantitative Genetics to Quantitative Genomics: a private Odyssey (pages 34–50): Morris Soller
Chapter five Cartography of the Bovine Genome (pages 51–62): James E. Womack
Chapter 6 background of Linkage Mapping the Bovine Genome (pages 63–74): Stephanie D. McKay and Robert D. Schnabel
Chapter 7 Bovine X and Y Chromosomes (pages 75–100): F. Abel Ponce de Leon and Wansheng Liu
Chapter eight livestock Comparative Genomics and Chromosomal Evolution (pages 101–108): Denis M. Larkin
Chapter nine Sequencing the Bovine Genome (pages 109–122): Kim C. Worley and Richard A. Gibbs
Chapter 10 Bovine Genome structure (pages 123–143): David L. Adelson
Chapter eleven Bovine Epigenetics and Epigenomics (pages 144–168): Xiuchun (cindy) Tian
Chapter 12 Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci (pages 169–191): Joel I. Weller
Chapter thirteen Genome?Wide organization stories and Linkage Disequilibrium in farm animals (pages 192–210): M. E. Goddard and B. J. Hayes
Chapter 14 Genomic choice in red meat farm animals (pages 211–233): Jeremy F. Taylor, Stephanie D. McKay, Megan M. Rolf, Holly R. Ramey, Jared E. Decker and Robert D. Schnabel
Chapter 15 impression of High?Throughput Genotyping and Sequencing at the identity of Genes and editions Underlying Phenotypic version in family farm animals (pages 234–258): Michel Georges

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B. (1944) Albinism in cattle. Journal of Heredity 35: 135–144. , Leeb, T. (2005) Polymorphisms within the canine MLPH gene are associated with dilute coat colour in dogs. BMC Genetics 6: 34–49. , Distl, O. (2011) A MITF mutation associated with a dominant white phenotype and bilateral deafness in German Fleckvieh cattle. PLoS ONE 6(12): e28857. , et al. (1999) A QTL for the degree of spotting in cattle shows synteny with the KIT locus on chromosome 6. Journal of Heredity 90: 629–634. , Oulmouden, A.

The roan pattern is inherited as a codominant trait (Barrington and Peterson 1906). Heterozygous cattle are roan, and cattle homozygous for the mutation are almost entirely white. Roan was mapped to BTA5 in Belgian Blue cattle by Charlier et al. (1996). An Ala193Asp mutation in the KIT ligand gene (KITLG), formerly called the mast cell growth factor gene (MGF), was identified as the causative mutation in both Shorthorn and Belgian Blue cattle (Seitz et al. 1999). The amount of roan on heterozygous cattle varies among individuals.

It was only in 1978 that I became aware of Geldermann’s work, when a referee of my 1978 paper on MAS in dairy cattle brought it to my attention, and for this reason it was not cited in my early papers. With the theory in place, the challenge was to test these ideas in practice. Together with Tom Brody, who directed the marker laboratory, we considered using an animal model (chicken) as we had facilities for working with chickens at the Hebrew University. E. Briles, the logistics of a major chicken experiment were too daunting.

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