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IRMA could be more than pleased if you happen to pass! Carl's phrases made her offended, yet truthfully, sara could were both chuffed to go away. Coming to Africa to take care of her invalid sister, Irma, had introduced problems.Irma had married Ray Barton, the guy that Sara had as soon as enjoyed, and her jealous accusations made all of them miserable.But the cold-blooded options recommended through Carl van der Linden, their neighboring landowner, appalled Sara.She disliked Carl greater than the other guy she'd ever met!

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It would seem like it, seeing that he was voicing nothing of any great interest. She poured the tea and handed Carl his. He thanked her coolly, then sat down. She turned away, uncomfortable under his impassive stare. What was he thinking? she wondered, bringing to mind what Irma had said about his probably having guessed that she, Sara, was in love with Ray. The idea filled Sara with dismay. She had been so sure that her feelings for her brother-in-law had been effectively hidden, but now she felt she might have been overconfident.

He was used to adulation, from what she had seen on her two visits to the Glenview Club in town. Most of the young women appeared to have had difficulty in keeping their eyes off his arresting figure. He had danced with them, but Sara had noticed that he never indulged in much conversation. With Sara herself he had adopted his customary manner of near indifference, which suited her well enough. She would have hated to be compelled to assume a show of friendliness which was insincere. 'I think Irma's calling,' said Ray with a sudden frown.

Did he really have to show off like that? 'No,' he was saying, 'but I can have a word with Jacob Dessel, who breeds fine horses. ' Turning casually to Sara he greeted her with the kind of cool civility he might have extended to someone he was meeting for the first time. She responded with chill reserve, murmuring a stiff, 'good morning', and tilting her head in a gesture of hauteur. She saw his amber eyes glint, and wondered if he were piqued by her treatment of him. He was used to adulation, from what she had seen on her two visits to the Glenview Club in town.

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