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By Denis N. Magnusson, Daniel A. Soberman, William R. Lederman, Queen's University

Patrick Monahan (Osgoode corridor) and Francois Chevrette (Montreal) examine Lederman's position in federalism scholarship; Robin Elliott (UBC) rethinks S.96 based on rights instead of energy; Diana Majury (Carleton) examines equality in a postmodern period; Kathleen Mahoney (Calgary) compares Canadian and American jurisprudence on the subject of pornography, hate propaganda, and freedom of expression; Don Stuart (Queen's) evaluates the consequences of constitution rights on felony legislation; Darlene Johnson (Ottawa) examines crew rights as regarding Aboriginal peoples; and Madame Justice Bertha Wilson examines equipment of appointment and pluralism. different participants contain Christine Boyle (UBC), Tom Cromwell (Dalhousie), Jacques Fremont (Montreal), Martha Jackman (Carleton), Wayne MacKay (Dalhousie), Ian Scott (Gowling, Strathy and Henderson), and Lynn Smith (UBC). Canadian Constitutional Dilemmas Revisited contributes invaluable scholarly views for Canadians and others confronted with the duty of redefining political groups and resolving urgent constitutional matters.

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