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"Walter Mitty in a sailor suit." - Admiral Arleigh Burke

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There were a few civil-rights rallies here and there where fires and looters got out of hand for a while, until the Army moved in to stop rioting without a license. But in general, things were pretty dull. It was at this point in world history that the UN bulged out of the Gaza Strip, and the Arabs and Israelis rushed troops there to preserve order in the empty desert they left behind. In Washington, the President was trying to cut down the National Debt. So the lights went out early in the White House that night.

But now he found himself without any orders and apparently abandoned by higher authority. Had Fatso been a graduate of the Naval War College, he would, of course, have made an Estimate of the Situation. Starting from the Navy's major mission of controlling the seas, and, making due allowance for all local conditions, he could then have derived a logical Course of Action for himself. But Fatso's knowledge of global strategy and tactics had been acquired in waterfront barrooms, and did not include how to make a formal Estimate of the Situation.

Her skipper, Captain Gates, was a gung-ho type. He was, of course, a line officer, and had at times, when he commanded combatant ships, been burned up by supply department red tape in trying to draw stores that he needed to get on with his job. He wasn't going to have any of that kind of stuff on this ship. He announced the day the ship went into commission that the Santee's motto would be SERVICE TO THE FLEET AND CAN Do. He was determined to make bums out of all the other supply ships in the Med, win the Santee the coveted gold E for efficiency, and maybe even a promotion for her skipper.

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