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Brimacombe, F. Hunedy, and A. Husain, J. Chem. ( C ) , 1970, 1273. R. C . Chalk, D. H. Ball, M. A. Lintner, and L. , Chem. , 1970,245. 212a M. A. MiljkoviC and E. A. , 1970, 13, 444. 218 J. Hildesheim, J. CICophax, and S . D. , 1970, 14, 305. n4 0. A. Ching-Puente, Bol. quim. Peru, 1970,36, 13 (Chem. , l970,73,110017a). A. Ching-Puente, Bol. SOC. quim. Peru, 1969,35,121 (Chem. , 197OY73,35692m). 211 212 48 yovMc Carbohydrate Chemistry BzOCH, BzOCH, TsOCH, Me ‘co20hk 0B Z TsO OBz OTs OTs (1 1 4 (1 13) (1 15) Treatment of the nucleoside 5’-tosylate (1 16) with sodium azide in D M F gave the 2’,5’-anhydro-sugar (1 17) instead of the expected 5 ’ - a ~ i d e .

Barker, J. Org. , 1970, 35, 464. S. Ropuszynski, H. Matyschok, and M. Rzepka, Przem. , 1969, 48, 665 (Chem. , 1970, 72, 79370~). J. Defaye and D. , 1970, 14, 128. H. Ohrui, H . Kuzuhara, and S. Emoto, Agric. and B i d . Chem. (Japan), 1970, 34, 375. N. W. Isaacs, C. ti. L. Kennard, G . W. O’Donnell, and G . N. Richards, Chem. , 1970, 360. 30 Carbohydrate Chemistry bonds between the sugar moieties. 13' 135 136 13' M. PrystaS and F. Sorm, Tetrahedron Letters, 1970, 4097. A. Klemer and G. , 1970, 13, 331.

Shafizadeh, G . McGinnis, C . W. Philpot, and R. A. , 1970, 13, 184. R. Barker, J . Org. , 1970, 35, 461. 130 The dehydration of D-glucitol in the presence of acidic ionexchange resins has been investigated by In experiments, the results of which correlate well with those of barker'^,^^^^ 130 the di-isobutyl dithioacetals of D-lyxose, D-ribose, and D-xylose have been shown to give 2,5-anhydrides on treatment with limited amounts of p-tolylsulphonyl chloride in pyridine at reduced temperatures, whereas the corresponding D-arabinose derivative (stereochemical analogue of D-lyxitol for this comparison) gives a 5-tosylate.

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