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By Tom Moldvay

Trapped within the mysterious fortress Amber. you discover yourselves bring to a halt from the area you recognize. The fortress is fraught with peril. contributors of the unusual Amber kin, a few insane, a few in basic terms lethal, lurk round each nook. someplace within the fortress is the main for your break out, yet are you able to continue to exist lengthy sufficient to discover it?

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The thorns are hollow. Once a thorn stalk has stuck and wrapped around a victim, the vampire rose will drain 1-8 points of blood per round automatically. The vampire rose also injects a hypnotic anesthetic into the victim’s bloodstream; the victim must save vs. Spells or lose all willpower, allowing the vampire rose to continue sucking blood until the victim dies. After a vampire rose has completely drained a victim, the roses will be colored blood red instead of white. 1 (1) Fighter 10-14 9 (12) Nil Lawful Sun brothers are members of the Brotherhood of the Sun, mortal enemies of efreet.

The Maker of Gargoyles” and “Mother of Toads” in Tales of Science and Sorcery. To snmmon Prince Stephen’s tomb from beyond space and time, four magical items are needed. The four items, The Enchanted Sword of Sylaire,The Viper Circled Mirror, The Rmg of Eibon, and a potion of time and travel, can all be found in Averoigne, our old homeland. Touch ring to viper’s tail. Anoint the sword with the potion. Shatter the mirror with the sword, and Prince Stephen’s tomb will appear. Search first for the Gate of the Silver Keys.

The Brotherhood of the Sun is distinguished by wearing red-gold armor and carrying blazing sun shields (treat as a light spell). All Sollux are immune to dispel illusions and to detect invisible. They are unaffected by normal fire and magical fire attacks suffer -1 to hit and damage. No. Appearing: 1 Save As: Fighter 5 Morale: 9 Treasure Type: D Alignment: Neutral The sun brothers vary in hit dice from 10to 14. They have a morale of 9 normally and a morale of 12 when fighting efreeti. Slime worms are giant-sized worms that secrete a sticky substance that coats their backs.

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