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CCNA education consultant assists readers in attaining step one within the Cisco profession Certification course by way of assisting them certify as a Cisco qualified community affiliate (CCNA). CCNA certification is the root for all different certifications within the Cisco profession Certification software. applicants needs to move a unmarried examination (Exam #640-407) with the intention to turn into a CCNA. One should have handed the CCNA examination as a way to search higher-level certifications. The CCNA education consultant bargains readers the chance to boost their networking abilities with a entire research instrument that might supply entire assurance of the mandatory technical and examination fabric. extra importantly the ebook will offer readers with wide possibilities to achieve the dear hands-on event that's essential to entire step one to turning into a Cisco qualified expert.

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Since the layers are modular, one layer can be changed or updated, and the remaining layers should still function properly. For example, you could replace the Physical layer with another network topology and expect the rest of the networking pieces to function as they did before. TH E OS I RE F E RE N C E M ODE L EXAM C hapter 1 The OSI Reference Model Is a Basic Concept A strong grasp of the OSI Reference Model for networking will make life much easier when you are diagnosing complex internetworks.

This process is called encapsulation. As a packet travels down through the seven layers, each layer adds control data and then passes the data down to the next layer until the data reaches the network. Once the packet is delivered to the receiving station, the process is reversed. Each layer strips off its control data and passes the packet up to the next layer until the packet reaches the application. Encapsulation consists of five steps, beginning at the Transport layer: 1. Build the data. 2.

Data encapsulation is the process by which data passes from the source application through the OSI Reference Model to the network and back up the model at the receiving station to the receiving application. Define flow control and describe the three basic methods used in networking. Flow control techniques are used by networking stations to avoid data congestion. A thorough understanding of how flow control works is necessary for the maintenance of internetworking systems. OUTLINE Introduction 14 Understanding the OSI Reference Model 14 The Seven Layers Application Layer Presentation Layer Session Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Data Link Layer Physical Layer 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 18 OSI Model Communication Encapsulation 18 19 Data Link and Network Addresses 21 MAC Addresses 21 Network Addresses 22 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) 23 Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services 23 Flow Control Source-Quench Message Windowing Buffering Networking Topologies 24 25 25 26 26 Ethernet 26 Token Ring Active Monitor 27 28 FDDI 29 Serial Ports 29 Chapter Summary 33 04 051-6 CH 01 8/10/99 9:15 AM Page 13 S T U DY S T R AT E G I E S .

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