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By Donald A. Swanson, Joseph A. Vance, Geoffrey A. Clayton, Russell C. Evarts(auth.)

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

This guidebook is for a six-day expedition among Issaquah, Washington (east of Seattle), and Portland, Oregon, that emphasizes the Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic geology of the western Columbia Plateau and the Cascade variety of southern Washington and northerly Oregon (Figures 1 and 2). The guidebook summarizes the geology of chosen components alongside the direction and offers a short advent to the final volcanic historical past of the Columbia River Basalt workforce and the southern Washington Cascades. an in depth yet now not exhaustive bibliography accompanies the guidebook. the line logs are designed to be self-guiding; as such, they're extra whole than beneficial for guided bus tours.


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T h e Bethel Ridge rocks probably formed part of a lowland apron at the foot of Tieton volcano. T h e volcano erupted block-lava flows, coarse- to fine­ grained bedded tuff, and chaotic breccia of multiple ori­ gins. Intruding them are more than 200 dikes that form the southern half of a radial swarm centered on the vol­ cano. 5-6 m wide and dip 70-90°. They decrease in abundance upward in t h e volcano and were injected subvertically, not laterally, as indicated by lineations on t h e dike margins.

Local discontinuous interbeds of clastic sediment, tuff, and palagonite. EROSIONAL AND POSSIBLE ANGULAR UNCONFORMITY Fifes Peak Formation (approx. 23 Ma in this area). More than 1 km-thick section of andesite and basaltic andesite lava flows and breccia, and dacite-rhyolite pyroclastic flows, erupted from at least two large composite cones. Prominent radial dike swarm. Cut by andesitic and microdioritic intrusions in western part of area. ANGULAR UNCONFORMITY Volcaniclastic rocks of Wildcat Creek, probable correlatives with Ohanapecosh Formation (about 32-33 Ma in this area).

The whole north side was sliding down" The first cloud appeared to form at the base of a "cirque-like" wall from which the bulge had moved. In about 20 sec the landslide was out of view be­ hind a ridge. At this time, two distinct clouds seemed to issue from separate vents. An extremely dark cloud grew vertically from the summit. A lighter cloud (the blast cloud), which seemed to come from the area vacated by the landslide, ex­ panded uniformly except for a large "arm" that shot out to the north in the direction of the avalanche.

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