Download Children's Stories From The Dawn-Breakers by Zoe Meyer, Nabil Zarandi, Winifred Barnum-Newman PDF

By Zoe Meyer, Nabil Zarandi, Winifred Barnum-Newman

Explores the historical past and teachings of the Bahai religion and a few of the real figures during this religion's improvement.

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Baldwin asked Bernard of Clairvaux to use his considerable influence to intercede with Pope Honorius II. Hugh de Payens was coming to Rome to ask for official papal sanction of his military order and to ask the pope to provide it with a formal Rule to govern the life and conduct of the Knights Templar. Baldwin was loud in his praise of the Templars, but nowhere near as loud as Bernard was to become in their behalf. It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of Bernard of Clairvaux's role in the establishment of the Templar order.

He carried his prayers of thanksgiving to such tedious lengths that often his staff had to eat their meals cold or unappetizingly overcooked. Godfrey de Bouillon seemed the ideal choice: His ferocity in storming the walls of Jerusalem and his high birth and exemplary moral standards would make him an attractive leader to present to the Christian world, while his preoccupation with religious observances should keep him nicely distracted from the duties of government. That would be a very satisfactory state of affairs for greedy vassals who did not really want to be governed.

The dormitory was required to have a lamp burning all night as a deterrent to nocturnal visiting. The Templar was never to allow another person to see his naked body, not even another Templar. That rule did not interfere with bathing, for the Templar was never to bathe his body. ) One item of Bernard's Rule for the Templars brought an unexpected benefit. The knights were ordered to crop their hair short but to let their beards grow, in contrast to the current European vanity of long hair and a clean-shaven face.

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