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Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing feedback (pages 1–5): John C. Beck
Chapter 2 Biosynthesis of Insulin and Glucagon: A View of the present state-of-the-art (pages 7–30): Ake Lernmark, Shu Jin Chan, Rosa Choy, Anne Nathans, Raymond Carroll, Howard S. Tager, Arthur H. Rubenstein, Hewson H. quick and Donald F. Steiner
Chapter three Molecular Evolution of the Polypetide Hormones (pages 31–59): Roger Acher
Chapter four Prohormones of ??Melanotropin (??Melanocyte?Stimulating Hormone, ??MSH) and Corticotropin (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH): constitution and Activation (pages 61–75): A. F. Bradbury, D. G. Smyth and C. R. Snell
Chapter five the character of Pituitary huge development Hormone as Studied via Immunoabsorption (pages 77–95): J. H. Livesey, D. Rubinsiein and J. C Beck
Chapter 6 Isolation of a Biologically lively Messenger RNA: education from Fish Pancreatic Islets via Oligo(2??Deoxythymidylic Acid) Affinity Chromatography (pages 97–116): M. Alan Permutt, Jan Biesbroeck, Rose Chyn, Irving Boime, Elzbieta Szczesna and Diana McWilliams
Chapter 7 The keep an eye on of Insulin liberate by way of Sugars (pages 117–139): S. J. H. Ashcroft
Chapter eight The Mode of motion of Adenosine 3?:5??Cyclic Phosphate within the legislation of Insulin Secretion (pages 141–158): W. Montague and S. L. Howell
Chapter nine a number of varieties of Corticotropin (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH) and their value (pages 159–181): Rosalyn S. Yalow
Chapter 10 Carboxypeptidase B?Like and Trypsin?Like actions in remoted Rat Pancreatic Islets (pages 183–195): H. Zuuhlke, D. F. Steiner, A. Lernmark and C. Lipsey
Chapter eleven New strategies within the Formation, rules of unlock, and Metabolism of Parathyroid Hormone (pages 197–224): Joel F. Habener
Chapter 12 constitution and Structure?Function Relationships in Glycoprotein Hormones (pages 225–250): J. G. Pierce, M. R. religion, L. C. Giudice and J. R. Reeve
Chapter thirteen Heterogeneity of the Gastrins in Blood and Tissue (pages 251–265): R. A. Gregory
Chapter 14 Membrane Topology as published by way of the Binding of Macromolecules (pages 267–280): L. Orci
Chapter 15 Protein Phosphorylation and Hormone motion (pages 281–295): Philip Cohen, John F. Antoniw, Hugh G. Nimmo and Stephen J. Yeaman
Chapter sixteen Growth?Promoting activities of Peptide Hormones (pages 297–369): J. R. Tata
Chapter 17 ultimate comments (pages 371–373): John C. Beck

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TERRY, W. ( I 975) Partial amino acid sequence SCHECHTER, of the precursor of immunoglobulin light chain programmed by messenger RNA in vitro. Science (Wash. , SCHORDERET, M. & ORCI,L. , MIRA-MOSER, a 28 A. LERNMARK ET A L . tion of rat growth hormone release in vitro in the presence of BaCI, or 3-isobutyl-lmethylxanthine. FEBS (Fed. Eur. Biochem. ) Lett. 46, 171-174 H. P. , LOWRY, P. J. & MCMARTIN, C. SCOTT,A. , RATCLIFFE, J. , REES,L. , BENNETT, (1973) Pituitary peptide. Nut. New Biol. -B. (1975) Glucose-induced decrease in Rb+ permeability in panSEHLIN, J, & TALJEDAL, creatic B cells.

The general conclusions are as follows:(1) The neurohypophysis of each species contains generally two hormones, R. 006 1500 100 19 1 with the exception of cyclostomes in which a single hormone (arginine vasotocin) has been pharmacologically detected. (2) All these hormones have a common structural pattern characterized by a chain of nine amino acid residues with a disulphide bridge connecting the cysteinyl residues in positions I and 6. (3) The same hormones are generally found within a given zoological class.

Commun. 62, 103-109 BRANDENBURC, D. & WOLLMER, A. (1973) The effect of a non-peptide interchain cross-link on the reoxidation of reduced insulin. Hoppe-Seyler’s Z . Physiol. Chem. 354, 61 3-627 BRISSON, G. R. & MALAISE,W. J. (1973) The stimulus-secretion coupling of glucose-induced insulin release. XI. Effects of theophylline and epinephrine o n 4 sCa+ C efflux from perifused islets. D. & STERN,R . (1974) Methods of gene isolation. Annu. Rev. Biochem. , HANSEN, S. R. & CARPENTER, F. H. (1974) Carbonylbis(L-niethiony1)insulin.

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