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Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning feedback (pages 1–8): F. G. Young
Chapter 2 The Radiological Anatomy of the Human Pituitary (pages 9–24): G. F. Joplin and Russell Fraser
Chapter three Systematic Fractionation of Human Pituitaries (pages 25–45): Alfred E. Wilhelmi
Chapter four reviews on Human Pituitary development and Gonadotropic Hormones (pages 46–67): Choh Hao Li
Chapter five Immunological reports of Human progress Hormone (pages 68–88): Charles H. learn and George T. Bryan
Chapter 6 progress Hormone and the Mobilization of Fatty Acids (pages 89–105): M. S. Raben and C. H. Hollenberg
Chapter 7 points of the Metabolic motion of Human progress Hormone (pages 106–134): Denis Ikkos and Rolf Luft
Chapter eight The impression of development Hormone on Urinary Calcium Excretion (pages 135–155): Russell Fraser and Michael Harrison
Chapter nine the range in Physiological reaction to progress Hormone (pages 156–173): J. C. Beck, E. E. Mcgarry, I. Dyrenfurth, R. O. Morgen, E. fowl and E. H. Venning
Chapter 10 progress Hormone and Aldosterone Secretion (pages 174–190): Eleanor H. Venning and O. J. Lucis
Chapter eleven Human Pituitary Follicle?Stimulating Hormone: I. medical influence of Purieed instruction (pages 191–208): Carl A. Gemzell, Egon Diczfalusy and Karl?G. Tillinger
Chapter 12 Human Pituitary Follicle?Stimulating Hormone: II. guidance of a hugely energetic Fraction (pages 209–216): Paul Roos and Carl A. Gemzell
Chapter thirteen a few Observations at the scientific worth of Pituitary Gonadotropin Assays in Human Urine (pages 217–232): J. A. Loraine
Chapter 14 a mode of making a choice on Interstitial?Cell Stimulating Hormone in Urine: a few ends up in general and Pathological instances (pages 233–250): J. Morato?Manaro, J. M. Cervino and J. Maggiolo
Chapter 15 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone and Melanocyte?Stimulating Hormone from Human Pituitary Glands (pages 251–265): Teh H. Lee, Aaron B. Lerner and Vina Buettner?Janusch
Chapter sixteen A Melanocyte?Stimulating Hormone from the Human Pituitary Gland (pages 266–274): Ieuan Harris
Chapter 17 Blood focus of Thyrotropic Hormone in general matters and in sufferers with Thyroid affliction (pages 275–321): Pietro M. Bottari

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Table I presents representative data from one such experiment. At this stage of the work, the activity most sought after was growth hormone, and the assays of the fractions are most complete in this respect. It will be seen that in the primary extract growth-promoting activity is distributed over fractions A-D, that it is not suitably concentrated in fractions B and C, as is the case with bovine pituitaries, and that the total measured activity falls ao ALFREDE. 8 (Starting material, 24-1 g. acetone-dried glands; 120 g.

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Of course, in the younger and immature subject it must be related to age. Loraine: In the patient with exophthalmos with a very large sella turcica, was there any evidence of abnormal thyroid function ? RzlsseU Fraser: This particular patient, by the time he reached us, had been taking a preparation for enteritis which has a lot of iodine in it; therefore we were unable to measure his thyroid function with 1a11, but it has been measured previously and found to be quite normal. We found his basal metabolic rate to be normal ;and I have every reason to believe that his thyroid function was normal or a t least not measurably abnormal.

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