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By Dennis Danvers

The physique is luggage. The soul is expendable.Nemo's parents left him in the back of to go into "the Bin"--joining twelve billion uploaded personalities who dwell in crime-free, disease-free and deathless digital societies.Nemo hass come of age on a deadly, near-deserted planet populated via a handful of stragglers: spiritual fundamentalists and rebels, the creeps and the crazies.Now he's twenty-one. And on an extraordinary, reluctant stopover at to the parints who abondoned flesh and son for cyber-utopia, Nemo has met the best lady: a brand new Bin arrival named Justine, a gorgeous pop singer sho desires different people's goals within the virual night.Now an inconvenient charm is prime enthusiasts right into a perilous mire of irreversible selection. For Justine has no physique to come back to. And Nemo the renegade has sworn by no means to sacrifice his personal; to stay, age, and die as a substitute in a bleak erthly hell. simply because, as an aoutsieder, he might input the Bin for brief classes of time. but when he ever comes to a decision to stay...there could be no means out back. An ingeniously unique new voice within the realm of top of the range SF, Dennis Danvers has obvious tomorrow--and its the Bin: an enormous community of silicon crystals into which twelve billion humans have uploaded their personalities to reside in crime-free, disease-free advert deathless digital societies, leaving the harmful and unpredictable Earth to a couple stragglers, the creeps and the crazies, the non secular fundamentalists and the rebels. Outsiders might stopover at the Bin for brief stretches of time. yet after they choose to remain. . .its perpetually. Nemo is an intruder. this can be his coming-of-age tale. And it starts off at the get together of his twenty-first birthday, while he reluctantly can pay a trip to the fogeys who deserted their flesh and their son for cyber-utopia. Nemo is a righteously offended younger guy decided to reside, age, and die in a bleak, virtually abandoned earthy hell instead of sacrifice his physique and soul to a technological purgatory. until eventually Nemo meets the correct woman--a newly arrived resident of the Bin named Justine--a pop singer and gorgeous enigma with an unsettling void in her prior. And now Nemo the renegade is wondering every little thing he has ever fought for or opposed to. however the unusual goals that come to Justine at the hours of darkness of the digital evening belong to someone else--and theyre major blameless younger fans right into a risky mire of irreversible selection, and into the complicated equipment of devastation.

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Because they were pissing me off. ” Their train rolled into the station, and they got on a car with a few dozen people on it. They sat down close together, side by side. ” She laughed. ” She took his hand and squeezed it. “I like you. C. He thought, I must be dreaming, and in a way, he was. 3 THOUGH NEMO DIDN’T SAY TWO WORDS TO JUSTINE on the train, he held her hand, stared at her when he thought she wouldn’t notice. Just as she was doing to him now, studying his profile as he gazed out the window, apparently deep in thought.

Come on, lighten up, Nemo. Relax, have a drink with me. Then you can go home to your girlfriend in the real world. That’s it, isn’t it? ” He shook his head, took a deep swallow from his drink. “Had a girlfriend,” he said. ” She imagined the whole story. “I’m sorry,” she said. He shrugged it off, but he wasn’t very convincing. “Why should you be sorry? ” She put her hand on his arm. “But you didn’t want to upload yourself. You wanted her to stay with you. She probably told you she would, but she didn’t, and now you feel betrayed and abandoned—just like your parents made you feel.

It wasn’t grief. It was anger. She was burning up with it. But three weeks after she’d moved in, Jonathan and Nemo invited her to sing with them on Jonathan’s front porch, and to their surprise, she joined them. Jonathan played an old Gibson guitar with a crack in the front and strung with piano strings. ” He liked the blues, and Rosalind had a strong, bluesy voice. She closed her eyes when she sang, pouring her rage into old songs about no-good men who’d done her wrong, even though she was only sixteen years old.

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