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In time they can also become defeats a t most l e v e l s ; Miners and Communites may have been r a d i c a l i s e d , but, for the most p a r t , a r e now no longer Miners and no longer Communit i e s and a r e incapable of taking many of the organised successful activities which could maintain any such gains. Revolutionary Parties d o , however, find a focus in the s t r i k e and therefore perhaps tend to interpret what is often the practical weakness of workers having to use t h e i r weapon of reluctant r e s o r t , a s strength.

The continued a b i l i t y of employers to overturn workers' l i v e s and s o develop a radical consciousness in them is an objective proof of socialism; but i t is not a method of struggle a s such for socialists. We cannot provoke such struggles a t w i l l and since i t is in that isolated struggle that workers have become radical and internationalists, we have no reason in day to day work to believe that other workers not immediately affected w i l l experience t h e same conversion a t the same time and offer t h e kind of support available from the State to the employer.

Single issue campaigns themselves a r e often dependent on Union support. I t is our duty to work within them and build t h e i r strength; not because we expect anything from the Labour Movement ' S l e a d e r s h i p , but because Unions form an actual power. They a r e , in t h e i r everyday work, t h e organised expression of workers to t h e i r experiences in t h e workplaces. When we work for them, i t is our political understanding which informs our position and success. I t is by demonstrating t h i s that our politics draws Brothers and S i s t e r s away from conservative outlooks on work and i t s organisation.

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