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By Elizabeth Aughey

Organized through body-system, this hugely illustrated quantity covers the traditional histological visual appeal of tissues in a variety of animals, either household and unique species, with proper scientific correlates emphasizing the necessity to relish the traditional with the intention to realize the irregular. The breadth of coverage―farm animals, canine, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish―and the mixing of standard and irregular tissue supply a reference of lasting price to veterinary scholars, veterinary practitioners, and pathologists.

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The box-like carapace and plastron of chelonians are composed of specialized bone that must be both strong and relatively lightweight in order for this bone to protect efficiently the delicate internal structures. Compressional stresses applied to the dorsal and ventral surfaces are distributed widely and are then borne upon buttress-like vertical supporting pillars of bone that are at each end of the ‘bridge’ that joins the carapace to the plastron on each side. The strength of their shells is further enhanced by the curved shape and by additional internal struts that distribute compressive forces so that they are not concentrated onto a single focus.

The predominance of this cell type suggests an immunological basis for the disease in this case. 54 Plasmacytic arthritis in the dog. The synovial membrane is infiltrated by plasma cells. H & E. ×125. 50 4. BLOOD Blood is a special type of connective tissue: the intercellular matrix, the plasma, is a fluid, and the cells are red and white blood corpuscles. Small fragments of cells, the platelets, and large proteins such as fibrinogen, albumin and globulin are non-cellular elements carried in the plasma.

In birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles, thrombocytes are responsible for blood clotting; this cell is not present in mammalian blood. The thrombocyte is nucleated, elongated and usually somewhat smaller than an erythrocyte. It possesses a pale blue, agranular cytoplasm, and is capable of active phagocytosis, amitotic division and, amazingly, pluripotentiality inasmuch as it has the ability under conditions of severe acute and chronic blood loss to be transformed into a haemoglobin-rich, respirationally functional erythrocyte.

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