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3 Vehicles will be serviced regularly, which will eliminate the possibility of vehicles being driven in an unsafe condition. 4 Payments to garages for service or fuel will be speeded up, the system should eliminate disputes over services provided for vehicles allocated to a specific depot. 48 Element 7 Some Management Issues This Element identifies and analyses some of the management issues associated with the introduction of computer-based systems. The steps involved in acquiring computer facilities are outlined and a more detailed discussion included of one of those steps; evaluation using weighted ranking.

41 MANAGERS' OFFICES 1 The manager will be able to enter queries on the status of all stocks on both DSSF and WSF. 2 A combined statistics file with stocks (from merged DSSF and WSF records) and sales data will also be available for enquiry and comparison against budgets. 3 It will be possible to enter through the keyboard manual allocations of stock for the updating of the WSF. 4 The manager will also be able to reserve his own file in the computer for 'spreadsheet' working and modelling. 5 While most information will be screened, selected reports may be copied on a character printer attached to the terminal.

Data will flow through the network in both directions. 2 The HO and Warehouse Network. Intelligent terminals will be located on the desks of all stock control, purchase and finance managers. Linked to the HO computer they will also constitute a network through which data will flow in both directions. The system will retain the Detailed Shop Stock File (DSSF) and the Warehouse Stock File (WSF), the two master files around which the present system operates. The two files will be processed, as appropriate, in both batch and transaction modes.

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