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By L. Roper

Written from a transatlantic point of view and established mostly on basic resources, Conceiving Carolina offers the 1st systematic remedy of the colonization of South Carolina in over a century. It argues that the political tradition that built within the colony amounted to an extension of the political lifestyles in early glossy England. Provincial politics, in flip, formed social advancements, particularly the emergence of a slave society. hence, the e-book calls into query the concept of the inherent contrast and modernity of colonial British the US.

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122 It remains unclear, though, why Ashley decided to take charge of the proprietorship in 1668–69, why migrants decided—or even if they had the choice in the matter—to relocate to Carolina, why Yeamans failed to meet the expectations the Lords had of him, why the new Carolinians immediately developed the habit of quarreling among themselves and complaining about each other to the Lords, and, why correspondingly, the political scene remained unsettled for most of the proprietary period. In the absence of direct indications, we must glean what we can from the circumstantial evidence.

In fact, had the impoverished of late seventeenth-century England transported themselves to Carolina they not only would have gained the material advantages and security offered by leet status, they would actually have acquired formal avenues to pursue grievances. A poor migrant who became 34 Conceiving Carolina a leet-man in Carolina, just as his weightier counterpart who became a landgrave or cassique, would have been the recipient of unprecedented written guarantees. In exchange for offering the labor of themselves and their progeny to lords and, in the “feudal” sense, serving in the militia, leet-men would have been protected by the manorial system.

But they also had to combat the enduring belief that long-range permanent migration, to people of early modern England, generally meant failure in the first instance, a recognition that a person or a family lacked the necessary means (of whatever nature) to survive where they were and had to move on to a destination probably unknown. ” It is no accident, then, that the Carolina elite quickly came to be dominated by people sent to the colony to manage the interests of others. Still others—those who found the religious and political climate unhealthy in the early 1680s, for instance—came to find life in this backwater more desirable than in the metropolis.

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