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By Ed. Neda Bokan .

This quantity covers a vast variety of matters in sleek geometry and similar branches of arithmetic, physics and machine technology. many of the papers express new, fascinating ends up in Riemannian geometry, homotopy thought, conception of Lie teams and Lie algebras, topological research, integrable platforms, quantum teams, and noncommutative geometry. There also are papers giving overviews of the hot achievements in a few specific themes, resembling the Willmore conjecture, geodesic mappings, Weyl's tube formulation, and integrable geodesic flows.

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Moreover, the following condition must hold: ( J X ,J Y ) = ( X ,Y ) , x,Y E N(M2"), where N(M2") is the module of smooth vector fields on M2". All considered manifolds, tensor fields and similar objects are assumed to be of the class C". We recall that the fundamental (or Kahlerian) form of an almost Hermitian manifold is determined by F ( X , Y )= ( X , J Y ) , X , Y E N(M2"). Let (M2n,{ J , g = ( . )}) be an arbitrary almost Hermitian manifold. We fix a point p E M2". As T p ( M a n )we denote the tangent space at the point p , { Jpr g p = ( .

45 Let g be an inner product on the vector space V. e. if both structures J1 and J2 are hermitian. e. g ( J i X ,J i y )= g ( X ,Y ) , g(J2X, J2Y) = - g ( X , Y ) . Existence of an anti-isometry implies that the inner product g must be of neutral, (n,n) signature. 3. Let (J1,J2) be a para-hypercomplex structure hermitian with respect to the scalar product g o n the vector space V. ( i ) The product structure J3 = J1 J2 is hermitian. (ii) Any compatible para-hypercomplex structure (J,, J g ) is hermitian.

P , E I ~ . ,En, EX,. . 1 EZ), a, where E, are the eigenvectors corresponded to the eigenvalue i = and E-, are the eigenvectors corresponded to the eigenvalue -2 (as in [ 21). Here the index a ranges from 1 to n, and we state 2 = a n. + The matrix of the operator of the almost complex structure written in an A-frame looks as follows: -i In where Inis the identity matrix; k,j = 1 , . . ,2n. By direct computing it is easy t o obtain that the matrices of the metric g and of the fundamental form F in the frame adapted to the structure look as follows, respectively: Let 0 = Rs be the Cayley algebra.

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