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By John Darby, Roger MacGinty

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Pp. 471–2. See also Haas, op. cit. and Goulding, op. cit. Stein & Pauly, op. cit. M. Gatti, The Secret Conversations of Henry Kissinger (New York: Bantham, 1976). Crocker, op. , pp. 381–2. Touval & Zartman, op. cit. and D. Rothchild, Managing Ethnic Conflict in Africa (Washington: Brookings, 1997). ’ The question posed by our peace research team to the representatives of the Basque separatist movement was genuine though intuitively we knew the response. The heads shook slowly and the inevitable short answer emerged, ‘No.

Few examples have been found in reality. But MEO is important in the broader negotiation process and has its place in extending ripeness theory. At most, ripeness theory can reach beyond the decision to negotiate into the negotiations themselves by indicating that the perception of ripeness has to continue during the negotiations if the parties are not to re-evaluate their positions and drop out, in the revived hopes of being able to find a 26 Contemporary Peacemaking unilateral solution through escalation.

28. S. Power, ‘Bystanders to Genocide’, Atlantic Monthly, 288, 2 (September 2001), 84–108 and Prunier, op. cit. 2 The Timing of Peace Initiatives: Hurting Stalemates and Ripe Moments I. 1 Parties resolve their conflict only when they are ready to do so – when alternative, usually unilateral, means of achieving a satisfactory result are blocked and the parties feel that they are in an uncomfortable and costly predicament. At that ripe moment, they grab onto proposals that usually have been in the air for a long time and that only now appear attractive.

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