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By John Leslie Collins, Paul Q. Patek, Melvin Cohn (auth.), Noel L. Warner (eds.)

Although the sector of up to date immunobiology keeps to diversify and surround an expanding array of biomedical disciplines and issues, there are usually a number of issues that may obtain targeted emphasis and prominence at any given time. it really is our desire that this sequence will mirror those issues and seasoned­ vide a suitable venue for publicity of such issues at an invaluable time. even if this actual quantity isn't specified as one of many designated themes volumes during this sequence, the chosen themes have in essence come jointly to con­ sider points of 2 significant parts of substantial learn curiosity in immuno­ biology this day. those main issue new ways and insights into an knowing of the tumor-host courting, and features of mobile interactions and networks as approached via numerous assorted traces of research. The province of tumor immunology is still some of the most difficult components to immunologists, because it of necessity consists of not just constructing an below­ status of the neoplastic method itself and the way the immune procedure responds, yet of ultimately utilizing this knowledge in a diagnostic or healing manner.

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5. Comments on Some Immune-Deficient Animal Models to Assay Tumorigenicity It might do well to introduce this problem by discussing what we consider to be incomplete experimentation. A partial experiment is to derive a cancer cell line from a normal precursor in the presence of either a totally functional or a partially crippled immune system. 1) and escape from the immune system. When immune surveillance is discussed in this Simplified way, strong feelings emerge (see Smith and Landy, 1970, pp.

Since no comparisons between the tumor arising in assay mice and the in vitro maintained transformant were made (or could have been made, because they had no cell line), no conclusions as to the absence of immune-susceptible intermediates on the pathway to cancer are possible. If the transformation frequency was the same in vitro and in vivo, a surveillance mechanism must operate across the millipore to eliminate transformants which arise in vivo. It could be a nonimmune mechanism as Prehn, in alllikelihood, would assume, but before accepting that, let us ask how good is the evidence eliminating immune interactions.

Cancer: A Problem in Somatic Cell Evolution 17 parental cell. In contrast to the frequent elimination of chromosome 4, the authors were unable to fmd any other pair of homologous chromosomes whose elimination from these hybrids was regularly associated with recovery of the ability to grow as a tumor. As the authors note, the selective pressure against the wild-type chromosome 4 operates in vitro as well as in vivo. Hybrid cells that have not eliminated at least one copy of the normal fibroblast chromosome 4 usually grow very slowly and clone poorly, if at all.

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