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By Bruce Rea-Taylor

Miniature gaming ideas for 1/285 and 1/300 micro armor chilly conflict period divisional scale operations.

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183:39 his hand clawing at his coat ambiguous wording. Popeye is either frantically grabbing at Benbow's coat in childlike search of protection, or, more likely (as seen below), he is grasping in panic for the gun he carries in his right-hand coat pocket. 184:1 Carolina wren a large wren with a conspicuous white line over the eye. It sings the loud three-note call Faulkner describes in the opening of this chapter. The swoop of the owl, which so terrifies Popeye, prompts Horace to remember the name of the bird that had sung earlier.

See entry 191:19//17:19 for further explanation. 189:25 the slain flowers, the delicate dead flowers the smell of perfume, made from "slain flowers," in her hair. The image also underscores Horace's connection of female sexuality with nature.  . watching the Page 26 back of my head with pure dissimulation This complicated description of the act of observing combines voyeurism and narcissism. Little Belle realizes that she has overstepped with Horace. Thus, she reverts to her little girl pose by which she can recover her control and manipulate Horace.

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