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By Jorge Luis Borges

Por primera vez, todos los cuentos de Jorge Luis Borges en un solo volumen.

Borges es uno de los grandes escritores de todos los tiempos. Habitante en sombras de l. a. Bibliotetca common, a lo largo de su obra construyó un mundo lleno de mitos, metáforas, laberintos, espejos, tigres y ecos literarios que le conviriteron en supremo custodio de los angeles memoria literaria.

Ahora Lumen tiene el privilengio de publicar su obra completa. Empezamos con un volumen que réune, por primera vez, todos los cuentos del escritor argentino. Aquí nos encomtramos con piezas tan memorables como El Aleph, El jardín de los senderos que se bifucan, Pierre Menard, Las ruinas circulares y tantas otras invenciones inmortales. Estamos sin duda ante un acontecimiento literario de primera magnitud que, de hecho, propone una relectura de Borges.

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The debate over imperial rituals], and in the later years he turned to the cult of religious Taoism in a search for a life without death. Both concerns ruined many able officials, and wasted the energy and wealth of the empire. In foreign relations these years saw Mongol bands sweeping across the Great Wall almost at will, raiding and killing from the northwestern frontier to the Liaotung peninsula. Along the southeast coast the . . [Japanese pirates] caused equal suffering and destruction, and erupted just as often.

This technique is, therefore, evidence not of the author’s failure to maintain a consistent tone, but rather of his constant endeavor to provoke self-reflection on the part of readers by carefully modulated manipulations of their distance from the events described in the text. This is ,in short, a significant feature of the author’s overall design,in both senses of the word. As Robert Scholes has said: When we become aware of design in reading, so that one part of a story reminds us of parts we have read earlier, we are actually involved in a movement counter to our progress from beginning to end.

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