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The publication has no illustrations or index. buyers are entitled to a loose trial club within the basic Books membership the place they could choose between greater than one million books for free of charge. matters: Demonology; Magic; Witchcraft;

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But to come to these three symptomes then, whereof I spake, I account the one of them to be the incredible strength of the possessed creature, which will farre exceede the strength of six of the wightest and wodest of any other men that are not so troubled. The next is the boldning up so far of the patients breast and bellie, with such an unnaturall sturring and vehement agitation within them: And such an ironie hardnes of his sinnowes so stiffelie bended out, that it were not possible to prick out as it were the skinne of anie other person so far: so mightely works the Devil in all the members and senses of his body, he being locallie within the same, suppose of his soule and affectiones thereof, he have no more power then of any other mans.

As to the former upon two reasons, it is grounded: first that it is knowen of manie of them to bee counterfite, which wyle the Clergie inventes for confirming of their rotten Religion. The next is, that by experience we find that few, who are possessed indeede, are fullie cured by them: but rather the Devill is content to release the bodelie hurting of them, for a shorte space, thereby to obteine the perpetual hurt of the soules of so many that by these false miracles may be induced or confirmed in the profession of that erroneous Religion: even as I told you before that he doth in the false cures, or casting out of diseases by Witches.

The next is, how can it be that they can be remedied by the Papistes Church, whom wee counting as Hereticques, it should appeare that one Devill should not cast out an other, for then would his kingdome be divided in it selfe, as C H R I S T said [Mat. 3]. EPI. As to your first question; there are divers symptomes, whereby that heavie trouble may be discerned from a naturall sickenesse, and speciallie three, omitting the divers vaine signes that the Papistes attributes to it: such as the raging at holie water, their fleeing a back from the Croce, their not abiding the hearing of God named, and innumerable such like vaine thinges that were alike fashious and feckles to recite.

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