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Let's hope so,' she murmured, not wanting to tempt fate by anticipating it. ' persisted the other girl, fumbling in an expensive leather handbag and pulling out a pack of equally expensive cigarettes. 'You don't mind, do you? I've got to have a fag. ' Ceci shook her head, and then said reluctantly, 'Leeds,' hoping her companion would not consider it necessary to probe any further. But she was to be disappointed. ' exclaimed the girl, lighting her cigarette with an elaborate gold lighter and then dropping it back into the bag.

I think that will do, don't you? ' 'Well, it's not fair,' she mumbled, with an unreentant sniff, and James expelled his breath on a long sigh as he briefly met her sulky gaze. 'You don't understand,' he said at last, slowing and indicating his intention to turn right. ' Leonie sniffed again. ' 'Among other things,' agreed her father drily, turning on to the minor road and accelerating into the first bend. ' Leonie hunched her thin shoulders. 'I know about these things. ' James's lips twitched.

What did she mean, she wasn't her stepmother? She must be her stepmother, unless--unless her parents had never been married. The look of dawning comprehension on her face seemed to please her visitor. 'I see you understand me,' Laura Bentley remarked, snapping the fine skin gloves against her palm. 'To put it plainly, you are illegitimate, Miss Devlin. ' Jessica's head was aching now with the effort of conrolling the awful terror she was feeling. She didn't need to recover her memory to know that this woman had no liking for her, and the accusations she had levelled she had no way of defending.

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