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She sat slumped against the wall, her face pressed against the rough wood, crying softly, hopelessly. She was almost twelve years old. Fisher joined Hawk in the doorway, and swore angrily as she took in the scene. The chain was too heavy to break, so Hawk levered the bolt out of the wall with his axe. Fisher tried to comfort the child, but she was too frightened to say much. She'd been abducted in the street two years ago, and been brought to this room. Her abductors put the chain around her neck and locked it, and she'd never been out of the room since.

Was it bad? I heard stories;" "It was bad," said Hawk. "There were no survivors among the gangs;no wounded, no dying; only the dead. We still don't know what killed them, but it wasn't very neat. Most of the bodies had been ripped apart. There's no doubt the gangs were evil. They did some terrible things. " "And this is the man whose party we're attending as bodyguards," said Fisher, grimacing. "Great. " She broke off as the front door swung suddenly open. A bright, cheerful light filled the hall beyond and spilled out into the night.

Visage shook her head, frowning. "Nothing definite. Somebody here, or close by, is planning a death; and the victim is either William or someone connected with him. " asked Hawk. "Of course. " "Somebody here or close by," said Fisher. " "I suggested that to Gaunt," said Visage. " She looked at Hawk steadily. "Unless you do something to stop it, someone is going to die in this house. " She turned suddenly and walked away. Hawk and Fisher watched her go. "Great start to the party," said Hawk. "Isn't it," said Fisher.

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