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The most basic ones consist of two vowels, sometimes with an apostrophe in the middle. Here are some of the most useful ones. uu pity, sympathy Note: In English, people have started to avoid the word pity, because it has come to have associations of superiority. " Then again, you would probably just keep your mouth shut. ") and so on. You can also combine them. " In this way you can even create words to express emotions which your native language doesn't have. Attitudinal indicators are extremely useful, and it is well worth making an effort to learn the most common ones.

Again, the answer depends on the context. ) There are ways to be more specific, but these normally involve a ma question; for example la meilis. "). There are more question words in Lojban, but xu, ma and mo are enough for most of what you might want to ask. ") will come in the lessons on numbers, time and attitudes. Exercise 2: Lojban general knowledge quiz Answer the following questions (in Lojban, of course). Most of the answers are very easy; the trick is to understand the question! For example, cynyny.

You'll be meeting joi here and there in the coming lessons, but you'll be formally introduced to it in Lesson 11. Some other examples: le cukta po mi My book le cipni po la meilis. Mei Li's bird la kokakolys. po do Your Coca-Cola There are some things which you have which are unique to you, but which also never stop being yours, by definition. Your hand, for example, remains your hand, even if you saw it off (apologies for gruesomeness): you'd have to enter the high-stakes world of international organ transplants before you could say that your hand becomes someone else's hand.

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