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By David A Wilson, DVM.; et al

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If prediction of ovulation is inaccurate, several doses could be used. • Administration of a single intravenous dose of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) to mares on the first day that a follicle of 35mm in diameter is detected on her ovaries will induce ovulation in the vast majority of mares between 36 and 48 hours later. Therefore, this drug can be used to help control when ovulation will occur, limiting the number of inseminations to two. The mare can be inseminated once, 36 hours after administration of hCG.

Cutaneous onchocerciasis. iii. The regular use of ivermectin in worming programmes has largely eradicated this disorder. 58 70 & 71: Questions 70 A three-year-old gelding is presented one month after castration. The owner’s complaint is that the gelding is mutilating its penis. Examination reveals a swollen damaged penis with large wounds and necrotic areas (70), and a warm painful swelling at the base of the penis and the scrotal area. How are you going to treat this case? 70 71a 71b 71 The pruritic lesions illustrated in 71a–71c have been present on the hindlimbs of this eightyear-old Clydesdale gelding for the preceding two months.

Aside from some mild seborrhoea of the mane, the horse is otherwise normal. The pruritus stops with the administration of prednisolone. i. List three differential diagnoses. ii. In light of the horse’s response to corticosteroid administration, which differential diagnosis can be excluded? 36 37 A four-year-old, slightly built, 37 15hh Thoroughbred mare is presented in August for an infertility investigation. She has been teased regularly over the summer but has failed to show signs of oestrus.

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