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By Jonathan Wright, Steven Casey

Psychological Maps within the period of Détente and the top of the chilly battle recreates the way the progressive adjustments of the final part of the chilly battle have been perceived via fifteen of its prime figures within the West, East and constructing global.

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Alone among them, his native tongue was not English. He did not speak French, nor was he Anglican. Most unusually, he was not the leader of his own Liberal party. Given his modest origins, his avoidance of society, the court, and the aristocracy is unsurprising; yet his closest political friend was Winston Churchill, born in Blenheim Palace as a potential duke of Marlborough. John Grigg terms Lloyd George an Edwardian, aware that Britain’s dominance was less assured when he reached the cabinet,2 but in his village school he had absorbed the Victorian verities of the ruling classes.

51 That pragmatism might also extend to working with the region’s closest neighbour, whose trade and commerce were already central to the region and to the French economy as a whole. As a Lorrainer, Poincar´e understood more than most the need for France to work with Germany, even if it were a relationship based on convenience rather than sentiment. Given that reason and his admiration for European arts and culture, Briand’s idea for a United States of Europe could seem attractive. Who knows, perhaps in his mind, he had mentally mapped a France and Latin culture dominating a United States of Europe that would be a bulwark against growing American cultural and economic hegemony.

Because revolutionary Russia was no longer available, the value of Britain increased accordingly. But failing that he was still prepared to work with Germany when again he became premier and foreign minister between 1922 and 1924. With anybody else, accommodation of Germany, where practicable, might have been seen as flexibility. 36 His willingness to work with Germany was, however, mitigated by his regard for the Versailles Treaty as a formal legal text that required respect. Germany had been found guilty, now she must pay the price.

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